Brand Glossary-8

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Brand Glossary-8
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:43:47 AM »
Brand Personality – The look and feel of the brand through the eyes of the consumer. What the brand wants to outwardly emit to the consumer.

Brand Planning – Processive steps toward Brand development and further brand implementation.

Brand Position – The mindset of the brand. Where the brand stands and what the brand believes in accordance to the consumer.

Brand Preference – The deliberate decision to choose one brand over another.

Brand Product Relationship – The tangible relationship between the brand and the product represented by the brand.  The brand must make sense from the perspective of the product.

Brand Promise – The brand’s guarantee to fulfill a specific need for the consumer and for itself in an ever-changing market.

Brand Recall – Simple, immediate recognition and memory of a brand.

Brand Recognition – Similar to Brand Recall.  The ability of a consumer to recognize a brand, know that it exists, and know that it is a purchasing alternative.

Brand Steward – An individual whose responsibility is to manage, monitor and adjust the brand according to the Brand Charter.

Brand Strategist – An individual dedicated to the development and analysis of brand and branding practices.

Brand Strategy – The plan of execution conducted for a brand in order to increase the brand’s market share and optimize brand functioning.

Brand Style Guide – The document defining the rules of the brand usage regarding language, printed materials, design, etc.
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