Brand Glossary-10

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Brand Glossary-10
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:44:58 AM »
Competitive Set – The group of competitive brands within the market.

Conjoint Analysis – A statistical research method that involves the measurement of the collective effects of two or more independent variables (i.e. product attributes, e.g. color, size, ease of use, cost, etc.) on the classification of a dependent variable (“overall liking,” purchase intention, “best buy,” or any other evaluative measurement).

Connection – The bond between the consumer and the brand.

Considered Set – The consumer’s set of brand options prior to purchase/selection.

Corporate Identity – Logo, signature system, and any other visual representation of the business.

Covetous – The desire for possession and wanting of the brand.

Creative Brief – A document that assists an organization in their advertising efforts whose purpose is to keep messaging in line with the brand strategy and brand charter.

Cross Tabulation (Cross Tabs) – A research analysis method of taking multiple responses and relating them to one common factor.

Customer – The person making the purchase decision. The person for whom the brand works to represent.

Decision Tree – The rational/emotional timeline leading up to brand purchase where the customer evaluates their wants and needs.

Differentiation – What separates one brand from another within the mind of the customer.

Elasticity – The range of viability for a product/service.

Emotional Suicide – The mental self-loathing that results from the wrong decision.

Equity – The value a brand possess over other brands.

Equity Markers – A brand’s vantage points and points of differentiation.
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