Brand Glossary-11

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Brand Glossary-11
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:46:09 AM »
Fighter Brand – The brand-product that is launched along side of a brand’s bestseller that “fights” in the marketplace for customers based on price. The idea of a fighter brand is for a company to capture “back” into the franchise, customers who have lost brand loyalty because of price.

Flanker Brand – The brand-product that carries the brand’s additional offering(s). The brands that fill gaps in the marketplace left by the fighter brand.  i.e. Bud Light.

Focus Group – A research method involving a group of individuals giving in person responses (written or verbal) to research queries.

Frequency – How often a brand is recognized.

House of Brands – A business that has multiple brands that are not necessarily part of the same family or are independent from each other and the Parent Brand.

Incidence – The frequency of an event occurring. In research, this can be used to describe the response rate or the number of times an event or behavior occurs in a given sample or population.

Influencer – The element that causes a change in behavior.

Inside-out Perspective – A view of a market or an organization’s internal operations from the perspective of the company/brand.

Leading Role – A brand position in which a single product represents the entire brand.
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