Brand Glossary-12

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Brand Glossary-12
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:46:33 AM »
Logo – The Corporate Identity element of the brand that visually identifies the product/service for the consumer (visual reflection of the brand).

Mark – The symbol, presented graphically, of the brand.

Market Matrix – The visually plotted space on a set of axes that represents the space for brand opportunity within the market space.

Market Place – The generalized intangible area where market trends occur.

Market Share – The overall amount of the market from which a brand benefits and owns

Market Space – The area in which any given brand is bought and sold.

Marketing – Tangible execution of brand messaging

Marketing Plan – The steps marketing follows in order to convey a message.

Mean – A numerical measurement of the average result. (addition of all values divided by the amount of values taken)

Median – The middle value of results. (The middle value in the sequence of values taken)

Mind Map – An image, centered around a key concept, with related words and concepts that represent semantic or other connections linked with the key concept using lines and/or arrows.

Monitoring Brand Equity – The process of ensuring and measuring brand advantages allowing a brand to make adjustments to meet the expectations of an ever-changing market.
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