Brand Glossary-13

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Brand Glossary-13
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Naming Strategy – The process in which the name of a brand emerges as the phonetic/semantic representation of the brand.

Niche Market – Not mass marketed. Marketed to a smaller group of consumers who share a specific need/desire that is not a universal consumer expectation.

One-on-One Survey (Internal Interviews) – A research method to assist in the evaluation of the present status of the brand and business as viewed from within the organization by interviewing employees.

Opportunity – The unoccupied space where a brand has potential to increase market share.

Optimization – When the brand is fulfilling all of its promises, gaining market share and maintaining equity to the best of its ability.

Outside-in Perspective – A view of a market or an organization’s brand/business from the point of view of the customer or target audience.

Parent Brand – The original or most widely recognized brand in a family of brands.

Personal Identity – The identity customers feel is private to them and their experience.

Playing Field – Another way of expressing the Market Space in which the brand exists.

Position – A set and deliberate stance the brand takes in order to differentiate and reach the customer.

Position Statements – Resulting statements taken from the 3Ps chart that position the brand according to consumer precepts (beliefs).

Positioned Against – When a brand is constructed to directly contrast another brand in the considered set.

Precept – A belief that strongly influences all decisions consumers make.
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