Brand Glossary-14

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Brand Glossary-14
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:47:13 AM »
Preceptive Behavior Model – Stealing Share’s unique brand discovery process of uncovering customer and target market precepts.

Price Elasticity – A comparative price study that shows the price ranges consumers are willing to pay for a product/service and their subsequent effects on demand.

Process – In decision making, this is a category or product description that describes the product’s attributes. For example, a process describing “soap powder” might be “it is inexpensive” or “it smells good.”

Processive – Describing something that is characteristic of the category or engaging in a behavior for the sake of that behavior that ultimately adds little or nothing.

Projectable – Research data that can reasonably be predictable given a confidence level and margin of error.

Prospects – Potential customers and markets.

Purpose – In decision making, this is the reasoning behind Processes. Purposes are needs and wants that are satisfied by processes.

Quadrant – A block of space between the X and Y axes.

Qualitative – Non-numerical values/codes resulting from research. Qualitative data is usually not statistically predictive of a population and is usually used as the foundation for quantitative research.

Quantitative – Numerical values resulting from research. Quantitative data is usually statistically predictive of a given population as long a sound research methodology was used in gathering the data.

Raw Data – Uncleaned/unmanipulated data from research studies.

RDD (random digit dialing) – The use of computers to randomly dial phone numbers in order to get a random sample.  Used primarily in research.

Reach – The ability of the brand to influence a certain radius of customers.
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