Everyday Entrepreneurship Part 4

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Everyday Entrepreneurship Part 4
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:02:12 AM »
Nowadays everyone aims to go for business school. But, what is the actual aim of enrolling into a business school. If we ask this question to business school students, there will be differing answers. The aim of business school education was to make entrepreneurs. Actually there are two schools of thought regarding being entrepreneur. One school subscribes to the view entrepreneurs can be made using training such as education. Other school views entrepreneurship is such skill which in inherent in an individual.
Another common misconception prevailing around the world is about generic entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. Most people even the business school students don't have clear idea regarding the huge differences between these two types of entrepreneurs.
Generic entrepreneurs are those people who runs the business solely for profit. Profit is the main motivating factor here. On the other hand, social entrepreneurs are those people who sense existing problems in the society and then come up with a solution to solve that. Here, solving social problem is the main thing and profit earning is the secondary one.

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