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noam chomsky
« on: January 23, 2017, 11:47:15 AM »
Noam Chomsky  is known as one of the topmost political & economic analysts in the world arena . But how does he conduct his class ? Below is given the experience of a participant in his class:

" I took a class with Noam Chomsky my freshman spring semester at MIT (2003).  The class was Poverty, Injustice, and Social Change, and the Iraq War had just started.  It was a graduate class with about 150 students, and I got special permission to take it as an undergrad.  I was a political science major and knew that Professor Chomsky only taught a polisci (not linguistics) class about once every decade, so I had to jump on the opportunity.

I'm really glad I did.  The class was truly incredible.  Chomsky co-taught the class with two other professors, one from MIT and one from Harvard.  The class was once per week, for three hours, in the evening.  Each week was a different topic related to political change/activism/etc.  The other two professors would lecture for an hour or so, and then Chomsky would come in, carrying a large cardboard box.  In the box were stacks of newspapers from the week that Chomsky had read.  He would put up the news clips on the projector and it was possible to see how he had taken notes on every article with so much detail that there was probably more writing in his notes than in the articles themselves.  He would spend about two hours talking about a topic and occasionally taking questions, and then leave again with his cardboard box." ( courtesy: Claudia Gold, Data Scientist in San Francisco )