Eccentric Economics 18

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Eccentric Economics 18
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:42:36 PM »
Every country around the world is suffering from currency fluctuations these days except USA. USA is basically becoming rich at the expense of all the world's countries. Apparently, US had done two things long ago to position itself on the top of the world's financial chain namely removal of gold backed currency system which gives the unlimited freedom of printing money and convincing Saudi Prince to declare USD as the sole means for world's oil trade. So basically, whenever some country except US wants to buy oil, then that particular country needs to buy/acquire USD first. And US is basically printing out the notes without any additional costs. Hence we are giving our money to buy USD and then we involve in trade and US is becoming rich with our money. And this is how the world's financial system is running. USA is systematically and slowly poisoning the world's financial system and they are also largely liable for several crises around the world.

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Re: Eccentric Economics 18
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true ..