Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:48:51 AM »
In our country real estate business started in Dhaka in late seventies. The Eastern
Housing of Islam Group is the pioneer in this business. During 1970s there were
fewer than 5 companies in Bangladesh engaged in this business. In 1988 there were
42 such developers working in Dhaka and now in 2005 there are about 250 companies
engaged in this business. From the early 1980s the business has started to flourish and
in 1990s it has reached its peak. Towards the end of year 2000 there was slight
downfall in real estate sector. In 2003 this sector started showing growth again. To
strengthen the role of real estate sector some pioneer real estate companies together
built up an association named REHAB in 1991. At present it has 100 members.

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Re: Real Estate Development
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Thanks for sharing....