Recommendation about real estate development in Bangldesh

Author Topic: Recommendation about real estate development in Bangldesh  (Read 544 times)

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Recommendation about real estate development in Bangldesh
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:53:12 AM »
Since the construction of advertising theory from 1980’s, the conception and practice of advertising effectiveness have been widely researched and applied in the world. Many scholars mentioned the importance of advertising to enterprise brand, but the inner findings of advertising tools application for real estate industry is elaborated inadequately, as well as practical application in existing research. The present study focuses comparative position of advertising tools application in real estate industry in terms of their impact on marketing promotion activities. The most important fact revealed by this study is that, investing on each elements of advertising tool helps the real estate sector to achieve its objective effectively and smoothly.

From the analysis it is clear that in our country the real estate sector try to develop their marketing activities than before. Now to cover the whole market with their services they try to use many advertising tools. Some of effective or others are not effective for our infrastructural problem. But if the companies follow all tools for targeting their consumer it’s best for them. In our country from the respondent view it can be said most of people observe the newspaper ad for real estate industry, billboard, and online ad. Other marketing promotional tools are also used by developers but moderately. If the developers create more emphasis on their highly effective promotion media for increasing attractive and informative to the customers, it will be gainer to achieve the ultimate target in their related fields. Finally, from the survey it is concluded that tools of advertising are more effective to build up the real estate image and also increase their market share.

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Re: Recommendation about real estate development in Bangldesh
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Thanks for sharing....