5.2Types of groups.

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5.2Types of groups.
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5.2   Types of groups.
We know that group means two or more people who work together to achieve particular objectives. There are different types of groups and each of the group has distinct characteristics.

Group can be either formal (official) or informal (unofficial). Again it can be subdivided as command group, task group, interest group and friendship group. Command group and task group is considered under formal or official group and interest group and friendship group is under informal or unofficial group.

Now a brief description of each type of groups is given below:

1.   Formal group: When two or more people work together in an structural or organizational way to perform assigned tasks or to achieve particular objectives then it is called formal or official group. The six members making up an airline flight crew is an example of formal group.

2.   Informal group: The group that is structured neither formally nor organizationally rather it appears in response to the need for social contract is called informal or official group. Three employees from different departments who regularly eat lunch or have coffee together is an example of informal group.
3.   Command group: A group composed of the individuals who report directly to a given manager is called Command group. Such as a departmental manager and his 10 subordinates form a command group.
4.   Task group: When people work together to complete a particular task is called task group. Such a group consists of 8 members to investigate the actual cause of campus crime is the example of task group.
5.   Interest group: When people work together to attain a specific objective with which each is concerned is called interest group. As for example, Employees raise their voice to increase the salary and wages is considered as an interest group.

6.   Friendship group: If the group is formed outside the work situation on the basis of one or more common characteristics or homogeneity of individuals then it is called friendship group. Such as the people who support Rajshahi University Football Team is an example of friendship group.

In conclusion it can be said that there are various types of groups and each group is different from each other in its nature and characteristics.