Conflict process.

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Conflict process.
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   The conflict process has five stages. Those are given below with a short description.
According to S. P. Robbins there are five stages of conflict process. These stages are given below with a brief description:

1.   Potential opposition: It is the first stage of conflict process. In this stage there is a disagreement among the individuals or groups of the organization and it creates unfavorable situation for work.
2.   Cognition and personalization: In this stage the members of the group can understand the reason of disagreement. It has two stages that is perceived conflict and felt conflict.
3.   Intention: In the third stage of conflict process the members of the group or organization think to face the unfavorable situation. Various intentions to face the situation are competition, collaboration, compromising, accommodation and avoidance etc.

4.   Behavior: In this stage conflict is easily identified from the behavior of the individuals or groups. One party creates restriction for other party. Aggressive behavior is seen in every member.
5.   Outcome: The last stage of the process is outcome. It may be negative or positive. There may have new inspiration among the members to start new activities.
Therefore we can say that each and every conflict must passes through some stages in its development or growth.