Different organizational Environment

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Different organizational Environment
« on: March 29, 2017, 02:08:08 PM »
An organizations environment is composed of institutions or forces outside the organizations that potentially affect the organization’s performance. There are four organizational environment. These are- 

1.   Placed Randomise environment: The environment which is not change so rapidly is called placed randomise environment some organization face relatively static environment, few forces in their environment are changing. For example, no new competitors, no new technology, Little activity by public pressure groups to influence the organization.

2.   Placid clustered environment: The environment is changed so slowly but the change which happened will be an environmental treat, suppose, now-a-days we are very much accustomed with soft drinks, but almost 50 years ago this picture was not the same as it is today. By heavy advertisement different company creates its appeal among us and in a slot process and we become accustomed with it. Basically it changes out cultural values and norms.
3.   Disturbed relative environment: The environment in where the change tendency declines, because it is become a market which is very much monopolistic, because here some Giant organizations dominate the market. The organization which is weak both financially and structurally, they become disappear from market for high competition with the giant organization.

4.    The turbulent field environment: The environment which changes very dynamically that means very rapidly. It is too much risky. This rapid change may comes from various areas such as- changing govt. regulations, new competitors, difficult in acquiring new raw materials, centennially changing product preference  by customers.

Finally, from the above we can say that, different organization face different environment when their functions are operated.