Characteristics of a good leader

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Characteristics of a good leader
« on: March 29, 2017, 02:09:55 PM »

To achieve the organizational goals the leader plays a vital role. Leader influence his/ her subordinates to complete particular course of action. To be a successful leader some qualities are required.

Keith Davis indicates tow types of qualities of a successful leader as-

1.   Psychological factors.
a.   Intelligence
b.   Ambition
c.   Aggressiveness

2.   Physical factors
a.   Height
b.   Body size and shape
c.   Personal attractiveness

Current research on leadership traits suggests that some factors do help differentiate leaders from non- leaders. The most important traits or qualities of a successful leader are as follow-

1.   Personal drive
2.   Honesty and integrity
3.   Cognitive ability
4.   Charisma
5.   Flexibility and adaptive ness
6.   Positive affectivity
7.   Creativity and originality
8.   Knowledge about business
9.   Self confidence
10.   Desire to lead.
Finally it is difficult to expect the all qualities and characteristics on a leader but if a leader contains major qualities then he/she may be a successful leader.