Situational theory of leadership

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Situational theory of leadership
« on: March 29, 2017, 02:13:15 PM »
Situational theory of leadership.
Situational aspect of leadership assumes that appropriate leader’s behavior varies from one situation to another. Successful leadership requires behavior that unites and stimulates follower toward defined objectives in specific situations. All three elements leader, followers and situation are variables that affect one another in determing appropriate leadership behavior.


   It is noticeable that leadership is situational. In one situation Mr. Rakib’s leadership may be more effective, but in the next situation Mrs. Rakib’s leadership may be the best. Situation creates a leader. And who can adapt himself or her in all situations is treated as good leader. The followers are ready to follow the path which is prescribed by the good leaders.

   Leadership is a part of a complex system, so there is no simple way to answer the question, what makes a leader?

   Good leadership involves a set of behaviors it should not be confused with mere activity when activity is not needed. Aggressiveness and constant interaction with others will not guarantee good leadership. When the conflict on confusion arises among the followers, the appropriate or good leader keep quite so that other may talk, to be calm in times of uproar, to hesitate purposefully, and to delay decisions. They do it to know  them. their desire, their view etc. At other times leader must be more decisive, directive and controlling. The key task for a leader is to recognize different situations and adapt to them on a conscious basis.

   For an example the ex- president of Malaysia – Mr. Mahthir  Mohammad was the good leader. But why? It is because he could handle or control all the situation in a smooth way. Economic developed is occurred because of his good leading. A good leader at first see the situation then percept and then find out the solution considering the followers. But here one question arise that all the leaders are effective in all the situation?  answer may not.

   So, at last we can say that situation determine the good leader who can influence his/ her followers