The government and social responsibility

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The government and social responsibility
« on: April 04, 2017, 04:06:48 PM »
How government influences organizations: The government attempts to shape social responsibility practices through both direct and indirect channels.
Regulation: Governments attempts to influence business by establishing laws and rules that dictate what businesses can and cannot do.
I.   Direct regulation: The government most often directly influences organizations through regulation.
II.   Indirect regulation: Other forms of regulation are indirect.

How organization influence government: There are four types of influence government.
I.   Personal contacts:Because many corporate executives and political leaders travel in the same social circles,personal contacts and networks offer one method of influence.
II.   Lobbing:The use of persons of groups to formally represent a organization or group of organizations before political bodies to influence the government.
III.   Political action committee:An organization created to solicit and distribute money to political candidates.
IV.   Favors:Finally,organizations sometimes rely on favors and other influence tactics to gain support.
Managing social responsibility: The demands for social responsibility placed on contemporary organizations by an increasingly sophisticated.Such as-
1.   Formal organization dimension
2.   Informal organization dimension
Formal organization dimension : Formal organization dimensions that can help manage social responsibility are legal compliance ethical compliance and philanthropic giving.
Informal organization dimension: In addition to these formal dimensions for managing social responsibility there are also informal ones