Goals and Objectives of Organizational Behavior

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Goals and Objectives of Organizational Behavior
« on: April 05, 2017, 11:12:20 AM »
Goals and Objectives of Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior is the science of behavior, like science, Organization behavior has some goals and objectives. There are four goals of organizational behavior, the are-
1.   To describe
2.   To understand
3.   To predict
4.   To control
1.   To describe: People work in different way within organization in different situation. OB describes how people behave in different situation in doing work within organization. It is the primary goal of OB.
2.   To understand: To understand why people behave as they do, is another goals of OB. Ob helps manager to understand why people behave in different way in doing their works in different situation.
3.   To predict: Predicting future employee behavior is another goal of OB. Managers would have the capacity to predict which employees might be dedicated and productive or which ones might  be absent, tardy or disrupt on a certain day. So that manger can take roper measures.

4.   To control: Employees work under mangers so the manager is responsible for the employee’s performance. Managers can influence on employees behavior, skill development, term effort and productivity with the help of controlling. So the final goal of organizational behaviors is to control.