Types of motivation

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Types of motivation
« on: April 05, 2017, 02:16:03 PM »
      Types of motivation

Drives are the heart of motivation. David McClelland of Harvard University developed some motivational drives and pointed out their significance to motivation. The most important drives are as follows:

1.   Achievement motivation
2.   Affiliation motivation
3.   Competence motivation
4.   Power motivation

Now they are briefly discussed below:
1.   Achievement motivation: Achievement motivation is the drive to pursue the people to attain goals. Achievement oriented employees work harder when they will receive personal credit for their effort and take responsibility for their actions and results.

2.   Affiliation motivation: It is a drive relate to people effectively. Achievement motivated employees work better when they are praised for their favorable attitudes and cooperation. This motivation emphasize on social dimensions.

3.   Competence motivation: This is a drive to be good at something. It is related to the capacity to do something. Competence oriented employees always think “how well they can do the work” rather than the time factor.

4.   Power motivation: Power motivation is the drive to influence people and change the situations. Power motivated employees want to create an impact on the organizations. This power may be used constructively or destructively. Power motivated people become more successful if their drives are institutional power instead of personal power.
Finally all these are the most important drives of motivation. Each of the drives has its own characteristics.