Planned and Unplanned Culture

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Planned and Unplanned Culture
« on: April 11, 2017, 09:53:25 AM »
If a society’s culture is changed in planned way then at first identity the major resistance which can not make that change. In this case the first stage the obstacles should be turned into acceptance by changing the cultural factors. A businessman always tries to change the certain area and then it is called cultural change agent. There are two ways that how to change the culture are described in below:

1. Wait and see approach: It is becomes difficult to be change by a marketer or the marketer can incorporate the changes of that culture then this method is used. In this cause two strategies are used-

(i) Strategy of cultural similarity: It the cultural change is difficult to bring it early then this method is used. Here, the product is marketed according to that culture in a country, as why the people do not hurt for that product. Next the products are changed day by day.

(ii) Strategy unplanned change: In this strategy a marketer observe the changes and make adaptation with that changes. That means, changed is faced by adaptation. For example ..After 2nd word war the Japanese people’s food habit has been changed. They started to cat milk and butter rather than fish.

2. Planned cultural changes: A change is done to achieve special objectives. For example, the tea drinks culture of our country. A first the British people made us drink tea freely. After that the people become habituate to drink tea and then they started to market that tea. Two steps are to be taken for bringing planed change in a culture…
(i) The elements of culture which obstacles and resist to accept that changes
(ii) The obstacles are being changed by Stimulating and try to make accept of that change.

This strategy is used by social planner, Hybrid grains, Health system etc. organization.
So, marketing strategy of cultural acceptance, resistance or rejection is considered on this basis. The success and failure are dependent that how to act the marketing activities with a culture.