Four Dimensions of Relational Work

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Four Dimensions of Relational Work
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:39:26 AM »
What Are the Four Dimensions?

The four dimensions were identified by Timothy Butler, Director of Career Development Programs at Harvard Business School, and James Waldroop, a founding principal of the consulting firm Peregrine Partners.

Butler and Waldroop analyzed the psychological tests of over 7,000 business professionals and published their findings in their 2004 article, "Understanding 'People' People." According to their findings, the Four Dimensions of Relational Work are:
Interpersonal facilitation.
Relational creativity.
Team leadership.
Many of us are strong in at least one of these areas – but we may be strong in several areas, or in none of them.

It's not relevant which area is stronger. What is relevant is that if we, or our team members, have a strength in one area, we should try to match their work to that strength.

Butler and Waldroop argue that a good match will make both the manager and the team happier, because everyone will be using their natural strengths. This should also improve the team's performance and productivity.