Working With Lazy People

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Working With Lazy People
« on: April 13, 2017, 05:49:02 AM »
Do you work with a person who doesn't "pull his weight"? Perhaps he wastes a large part of the day playing games, or talking to friends on the phone. Or, maybe he takes extra-long breaks, and he's happy just to do the very minimum to get by.

If you work with a colleague like this, then you know how frustrating it can be. Working with someone who's lazy is always a personal challenge, but it can also lower the productivity and morale of everyone else in the office.

However, if you're not that person's boss, is there anything that you can do? Do you simply have to tolerate this "rogue," or should you confront the situation head on?

Your Options

If you have a lazy co-worker in your midst, you'll probably have several options.

Your first option is to ignore the situation and go about your business. If the lazy colleague isn't causing you problems in any way, this might be the best option.

Sure, it's annoying and unfair that she's getting away with only doing a fraction of the work. But eventually, her poor performance is going to catch up with her. In the meantime, let it go – focus on doing your own great work, and making sure that you get the recognition that you deserve Add to My Personal Learning Plan.

However, if your colleague's idleness is having a negative impact on your work, or that of your team mates, then you need to take action.

So another option is to pick up the work your colleague isn't doing. This will take care of neglected tasks, but it's only going to add to your stress and frustration, since you're now doing her job as well.

Letting your co-worker continue with her bad work habits could also cause a negative impact on your, or your team's, reputation.

Your last, and likely best, option is to get assertive Add to My Personal Learning Plan and take direct action to stop her being so lazy. We'll look at several approaches to doing this.

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Re: Working With Lazy People
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Nice Writing. It was really informative.
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