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International Scholarships
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CIMO awards and administers scholarships for students, researchers and teachers. CIMO does not have any scholarship programmes or other financial assistance available for degree studies at bachelor’s or master’s level in Finland. Student scholarships are mainly intended for postgraduates who have completed a master’s degree.

Through its scholarship programmes, CIMO supports the internationalisation of teaching and research by forging links and encouraging academic mobility between institutions of higher education in Finland and abroad.

Scholarships are available for applicants from all countries.

Each CIMO scholarship programme has its own eligibility criteria, application procedures and deadlines. A scholarship normally consists of a monthly allowance intended to cover living expenses in Finland for a single person. The amount of a scholarship varies according to the scholarship programme and academic qualification of the applicant. No additional expenses such as travel, housing, or insurance are covered.

CIMO has several scholarship programmes:

    CIMO Fellowships
    CIMO India Fellowships
    Finnish Government Scholarship Pool
    Finnish studies and research: scholarships for advanced studies of the Finnish language at Finnish universities
    Finnish studies and research: scholarships for postgraduate studies and research at Finnish universities
    Scholarships for Kindred Peoples (Finno-Ugrian minorities in Russia)

More information about CIMO Scholarships is available on website.
Scholarships for Finnish students

CIMO has an intermediary role in awarding scholarships to Finnish undergraduates and postgraduates for higher education study and research abroad. These include country-specific grants, Russian Government Scholarships and a scholarship toward European Studies at the College of Europe.