How to create a Web page?

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How to create a Web page?
« on: April 25, 2011, 02:18:04 AM »
Hello, how are you? Now I will talk to you how to create a website. In my previous post I discussed about what is HTML and how to start with an example .Now I show how to create a web page.

Before you learn this I recommend you please visit  and learn some basic type of tag.
Example :< b>, <small></small>, <big></big>, <strong></strong>,,,
This is very easy to learn. You can learn it from

After this I will show you how to insert a image into your web page. To insert a image into your web page you have to know <img /> tag
For this you write <img src=” ”/>.Write you image name between the quote (“”) and then extension
Like (.jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.png) .Here src means the source (direction) of image which you want to show your browser, then write the image name and extension.

 like(<ing src="imame_name.png"/>)

If you save your html file in same direction which is place at image, in this case the direction is not needed only write image name and then extension.
And finally save it and open it.And a attach a file you can download it,I think it is helpful for u

Have a good time

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