The Secret of Success

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The Secret of Success
« on: May 28, 2017, 11:58:04 AM »
What does success mean? Is there any person/company in the world who does not want to be successful? How can I/we be successful? What is the secret of success? These are the burning questions of millions of youngsters of today’s world. If you truly want to get success you must realize the inherent meaning of it. I have my own view about success and which is not a“rocket science” to understand. Here it goes:

In my opinion, there are two views of success. Firstly, the traditional selfish view which reflects a “Me Society”: Success is the art of compromise; compromise with the existing system. Secondly, the new view of success which reflects a “We Society”: Success is the passion to change - to change oneself to change the system which will again change others following the system - through innovation.

The SECRET meaning of SUCCESS
      S - Sacrifice
      U (you) - Yourself
      C - Creative
      C - Change
      E - Empower
      S - Social
      S - System

My definition of SUCCESS
Success is the art of “sacrificing yourself for creative change to empower social system.” Here “social system” refers to three components:
        - Me (the way of my living)
        - My family (the justification of my existence)
        - My surroundings (the larger system of which I am a part)

Bottom line
You are the gladiator. You can create revolution. It is you who can change the world. Do it yourself.  Be successful!