Free The Billion People From Hunger and Disaster of Climate Change!!!

Author Topic: Free The Billion People From Hunger and Disaster of Climate Change!!!  (Read 815 times)

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What is food security?
Food Security can be divided between two broader groups. They are Food Production and Food Distribution.

Food Production –

Food producing environment will create entitlement to land to cultivate, land to live. Land to cultivate will create employment and Equal Fair Wages will give justice to the day laborers to provide for their necessities. Affordability and availability of seed, irrigation, fertilizer and wages will enable the farmers and Day Laborer to sustainable food production. These areas of the process of food production will create an environment for food production with justice. 

Food Distribution -

Food security can be ensured where food distribution process is strong. In same distribution process if middlemen can be reduced and syndicated pricing can be stopped then the people buying the produce can be ensured fair prices therefore enabling the both farmers and day laborers to have within their reach their own produce. Ensuring feeding of the vulnerable aged or individuals will all create an environment where none remain hungry.   

Climate change
Climate Change, which in recent times, is drawing increasing attention world wide. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) claims climate change as one of the causes of food insecurity. Bangladesh, being an agro-based economy of South Asia, is thought to be under the heavy threat of deteriorating its food security caused by the dire effects of climate change. The IPCC reported crop yields could decrease up to 30 percent in Central and South Asia by the mid-21st century.

The five main global threats arising from climate change are considered to be droughts, floods, storms, rising sea levels, and greater uncertainty in agriculture. Four of the world's poorest nations top the list of the 12 countries at the highest risk. Bangladesh heads the list of countries most at risk of flooding.

The year's first round of UN climate talks has ended with delegates talking of a clear split between the visions of developed and developing nations. This split offers potential scopes for debates and dialogues, which the binaurally opposing parties can debate over in the debate competition, by representing the visions of the developed nations and that of the developing ones.

Youth Watchdog on Food Security and Climate Change
Students and youth groups and individuals can take up of role of watchdog to create awareness between the communities they live in and become a deterrent towards economic injustice, critic towards wrong policies and finally a watchdog to advocate for policy advocacy for the Food Insecure people and farmers. This can be achieved by creating a link between the rural poor and the student watchdog through any form of interface to write articles in the news daily, to mass protest and provide communities with case studies of food insecure individuals and family. Having a watchdog can create better realist understanding of Food Insecurity and the abject poverty it creates and be able to articulate how poor people or groups can come out of this vicious cycle generations of descending poverty.