Core Values for Ethical Entrepreneurship

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Core Values for Ethical Entrepreneurship
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:35:56 PM »
Ethical leadership is leadership that is directed by respect for ethical beliefs and values and for the dignity and rights of others.[1]:22 It is thus related to concepts such as trust, honesty, consideration, charisma and fairness.

Ethics is concerned with the kinds of values and morals an individual or a society finds desirable or appropriate. Furthermore, ethics is concerned with the virtuousness of individuals and their motives. A leader's choices are also influenced by their moral development.

And the core value is : Business is for Society. No business is bigger than society and development for a holistic concern. The survival of business depends on the people/customer who lives in society and also the development of a society depends on the business of the country. So both business and society have a merciful consideration for each other. Profit maximization is not ultimate goal of a business but the wealth maximization is!!! And very obviously Society and good will of business performance brings the wealth which will make your business self sustainable.