Essential Features or Qualities of a Good Reporter

Author Topic: Essential Features or Qualities of a Good Reporter  (Read 1672 times)

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Essential Features or Qualities of a Good Reporter
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:43:57 PM »
1. Qualification: A reporter must be qualified because drafting of report is a complex and specialized task. He must know what to report, how to report, and to whom to report and how to focus on real fact.

2. Experience and Efficiency: A person who is experienced must be efficient also. A reporter endowed with such two qualities can perform his reporting with quality and standard.

3. Knowledge of Subject-Matter & Time: A reporter must know in details regarding the subject matter to be addressed and he must report on that topic in due time. Otherwise, The object of a report would go in vain. So, knowledge and timeliness is also essential qualities of a good reporter.

4. Faithfulness and Neutrality: Report must be free from biased information. The information provided in the report must be reliable  and valid. False, invalid and biased information are supposed to hamper the decision and would outcome in wrong decision.

5. Knowledge of Structure and Presentation: How  to write down all relevant and necessary information maintaining a proper structure should be known to a good reporter. He must know how to present the facts and information in a simple but effective way. So, Knowledge of structure and presentation are necessary qualities to be possessed by a reporter.

6. Skill in Collecting Information: Reporter is required to collect information from primary or secondary source of information as the situation demands. He  must have the capacity to identify the source of information and collect data required for report.

7. Status: A reporter must have specific status. This makes proper identification of the reporter to all. This also helps for acceptance of the report.

8. Organizational Ability: Information or data received from various primary or secondary sources are required to be organized in a acceptable processing way to create a meaningful picture. Haphazard presentation of data makes no impression rather wastage of time, money and effort.

9. Analyzing Capacity: Data obtained from various sources are required to be analyzed through various tools such as statistical or mathematical tools and functions. proper analyzing in proper way helps to draw findings and reach conclusion.

10. Knowledge About the Principles of Report Writing: A reporter should be well understood regarding the principles of writing a report. Principles guide the way of writing a report and make it meaningful and attractive to the relative audience.

12. Determination and Punctuality: A reporter should have strong determination for what he is going. In other side,  punctuality gives the chance to present the report in time. A good reporter must have determination and punctuality.

13. Patience: Making a good and perfect report is a complicated task. It may need time and labor. A good reporter should have such patience for completing the task properly and timely.

14. Other Qualities: Without above qualities or characteristics, A good reporter should have the following qualities too:
Language Skill
Understanding Capacity
Knowledge of Various Types of Report
Proper Academic Knowledge
Enough Experience on this field
A Mind of Impartiality
Knowledge about Computer Operation
Faithful and Honest

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Re: Essential Features or Qualities of a Good Reporter
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Thank you.

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Re: Essential Features or Qualities of a Good Reporter
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Thanks for sharing.  :)
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