Fight Insomnia and Win

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Fight Insomnia and Win
« on: July 16, 2017, 04:56:33 PM »
Not being able to fall asleep at a time when you feel most tired and needing rest is a frustrating situation. However, before you chalk yourself up as being a hopeless case, you may benefit from learning that there are simple ways to fight insomnia and win. This involves checking some factors surrounding your sleep time, which may or may not be easily changed, and you may find yourself dozing off more efficiently when you tackle the following questions:

 Is your bedroom clean or messy? Many people have become used to treating their bedroom as an all-in-one room, which means they also work or do other stuff in it. This would result in a room that is very difficult to maintain clean. Even if you believe you are the type of person who can function well in a less-than-tidy room, your brain may think differently. Sometimes a messy bedroom causes restlessness even if you are not conscious of it. As such, it may do you well to create a relaxing atmosphere by keeping your room clean, and if possible, removing any stressful or work-related items from that room. If you have a one-bedroom apartment and really cannot transfer your work station, you can opt to make one corner limited to work just to keep your things organized and not strewn all over the place. If anything, keep your bed area clear.

 How much light does your room get? Even if you are the kind of person who can sleep with the lights on, it may be a good idea to check this factor. For some reason, darkness triggers the release of melatonin, or the sleep hormone. If your room lights are too bright, perhaps you can consider changing your bulbs to those of lower wattage, or add dimmers. If your room faces a bright street lamp, consider putting up heavy blinds or thick curtains to dim your room; they will also help you stay asleep longer by keeping the morning sun out.

What time do you usually exercise? This is important, of course, if you have a workout routine. Intensive workouts are known for making a person more alert, so if you have a workout schedule, check that it does not happen in the evening, or at least not late in the evening. A basic gauge would be to finish your exercise routine at a minimum of three hours before you head to bed.

When and what was your last meal? As crazy as it sounds, what you eat will have repercussions on your sleep, largely because spicy foods tend to cause unsettled stomachs, which makes it harder to fall asleep. Also, if you go to bed with a rumbling, empty tummy, you will be so uncomfortable as to fall off to sleep easily. Of course, it is not advisable to load up on a heavy meal right before sleeping. Instead, you can try taking a glass of warm milk. Interestingly, some experts also recommend eating a handful of nuts or a piece of turkey. These, like milk, contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which has been proven to induce sleep.

Are you worrying about something? Now, this is a factor that is not too easily gotten rid of, and is perhaps the leading cause of insomnia across all sufferers. It could be worry about money, or about relationship problems, or even an unconscious anxiety about the future. In any case, this cannot be solved in a hurry and you may find ease from it when you deal with the worries during the day. Some people find it comforting to believe in a God who cares for them, who would even give up His life for them, as the belief in perfect love drives away every fear. In any case, you will need a way to vent out those anxieties and find something to give you peace of mind. Once that happens, you will find that falling asleep will no longer be a problem.

These are basic things that you can check in order to fight against your sleeping problem. And surely, you will find yourself winning the battle and enjoying countless nights of beauty sleep to the envy of all your friends!

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Re: Fight Insomnia and Win
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Good to know.