Tourist destination: 4 waterfalls of Mirsharai

Author Topic: Tourist destination: 4 waterfalls of Mirsharai  (Read 419 times)

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Tourist destination: 4 waterfalls of Mirsharai
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:41:42 PM »
The key attraction of the remote village located in the foot of hills in Mirshara upazila’s Khoyachora union is its four beautiful waterfalls -- Ujalia, Kupikatakum, Napittyachora and Bandorkum. Tourists started flocking the area after the beauty of the waterfalls and the scenic trail that leads to the water falls inside the hills spread through social media in the last two years.

The waterfalls of Napittyachora trail are attracting daily 500 to 1000 visitors, said locals. During holidays, it crosses thousand.

For visiting the waterfalls one needs to go to Noyduara area of Mirsharai upazila. It takes around three hours to reach the waterfalls from Noyduara area. After walking for half an hour, one could reach the first two waterfalls -- Ujalia and Kupikatakum. On crossing the first two waterfalls it would take more than two hours to reach the other two waterfalls. Local youths and teenage boys work as guide to show the ways through deep jungle. They charge Tk 300 to 500 for the whole journey. 

Way to the other two waterfalls takes over two hours to reach and it needs ascending-descending the steep hills, walking through the ankle to knee deep water course, going through green jungle, walking on large slippery stones that resemble like eggs of a prehistoric animals. In addition, chirping of wild birds and sound of insects would make it a memorable journey.

For visitors it could become quite difficult and risky to reach the four waterfalls deep inside the jungle as there is no sign boards with directions were seen on the way.

Besides, the tourists have to suffer a lot as the road is not much developed.

Mentionable, a tourist was killed after falling from hill in the Napittyachora trail last year after a group of tourist lost their way on August 15, 2016.

Other than these hazards, the waterfalls could become a great tourist attraction in Chittagong.
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Re: Tourist destination: 4 waterfalls of Mirsharai
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