Uses of Internet in Education

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Uses of Internet in Education
« on: March 03, 2018, 11:28:59 PM »
1. Facts: facts can be checked on relevant and reliable websites.
2. Generally training the brain: brain training apps are great for this.

3. Sharing knowledge: internet forums and emails enable us to talk with experts and other enthusiasts.

4. Disseminating knowledge: blogging about our research or publishing ebooks and online articles in peer reviewed journals helps others to learn.

5. Community: the internet community of students can support each other.

6. Distance learners: with the web, we can learn at universities and schools at the other end of the globe.

7. Virtual classrooms: video technology has enabled us to ‘attend’ lectures virtually.

8. Combating poverty: if poverty or poor infrastructure can make it hard to go to school, online learning can be the answer.

9. New ideas: the internet can expose us to new ideas we wouldn’t reach by ourselves.

10. Digitized texts: increasingly, libraries are digitizing reference works.

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Re: Uses of Internet in Education
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Re: Uses of Internet in Education
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Thanks for sharing
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