Relation between Forensic Evidence & Criminal Investigation System

Author Topic: Relation between Forensic Evidence & Criminal Investigation System  (Read 293 times)

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Forensic science is a very important part of not only the trial system but also the beginning of a case because without this method no criminal case can be solved. This is totally impossible to run a case without any forensics. It can’t be replaced by any penal code or any other codified law because it is totally scientific method where some special principles are only used. There are some process which are related to the criminal justice system because they are very much part of investigations. Let’s discuss about it, and then we can understand why forensics is so important in this sector.

Fingerprint Database
In almost every foreign country there is fingerprint database where every fingerprint of all the citizens are stored in the restricted database which access in the hand of the law enforcement agency. That’s why if any fingerprint is found in any crime scene then by analyzing those fingerprints they easily match it with their database and find out the person who is the owner of that fingerprint. It reduces more time and pressure to solve a crime. It’s a matter of regret that in our country this system is not introduced yet. With the presence of this system it would be so much easy to catch a criminal or find out the possible suspect.

DNA Database
Just like the fingerprint database there is also DNA database in almost every foreign country. That’s an advance technology. Every citizen’s DNA is stored in the record in this system that’s why if any dead body is found after a long time than by collecting the DNA of that body and matching the DNA with the database that person’s identity can be found easily. Besides, in any crime scene if any dead body is beyond recognizable than by this process his/her identity can also be found. DNA database is also useful to find out the actual criminal or possible suspect if there is any extra DNA is found in the crime scene, then that can help the investigation team to reach decision.

Reconstructing a Crime Scene
Not every crime scene is complete. There will be always something missing in the scene that can lead an investigator to a possible suspect. By the technology and knowledge of forensic science that gap can be filled easily. This is like a jigsaw puzzle game where a gamer has to find out all the pieces and add all of them to reconstruct a perfect figure. In foreign country sometime in front of the court they remake a crime scene by all the possible elements so that the judge and the court can understand what was happened in that moment. It’s all are only possible by the help of forensics.

Identify Suspects
To identify a suspect is the most important and the main job of the investigation. And to do this thing there is no alternative of forensics. In a crime scene there are many clues are left behind by the criminal that can only be recovered by the forensics technology and knowledge, just like above discussed fingerprint, DNA materials. There are also lots more advance process to identify a suspect which are discussed in the branches of forensics but these two are the main basic element that can a maximum number of case in the primary stage besides, in the trial proceeding those evidence can also be presented to find the fact.

Postmortem Report
Postmortem report is a vital element of investigation and this is a one of the most important part of forensics. After autopsy of a dead body of victim, there can be many things, clues and report recovered. Basically to know the cause of death, autopsy is very much important and sometimes by autopsy the nature and identity of killer can also be found. All of that information is included in the postmortem report which can be submitted in the court to the judge and sometime a postmortem report can change the direction of a case by including any new clue or a judge can come to a decision on the basis of this report if the criminal is identified.