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Scientific Evidence
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:59:18 AM »
What is Forensics?
If we want to discuss about the forensic science then at first we have to know what forensics is:
Forensics or forensic science is the use of scientific principles in issues of law.
Forensic science is the use of science in a legal setting. Forensic scientists can not only aid in investigations into a crime, but also help determine who the victim and suspect are, what crime was actually committed, and if the suspect is able to stand trial.

What is Scientific Evidence?
Scientific evidence is the main part of the forensics. Without scientific evidence there is no value of forensics. Everything is based on this scientific evidence as we know that law speaks only by evidence so scientific evidence is that kinds of evidence that is come from various kinds of scientific theories. Mainly there are lots of theories in this world but not all of them is scientifically approved. Only the approved theory by the proper authority is recognized all over the world and the scientific evidence will be mainly based on those scientific theories. If we explain it in another term,

Scientific evidence is based on knowledge that has been developed by using the scientific method. This means that the basis for the evidence has been hypothesized and tested and is generally accepted within the scientific community. This could mean that the theory on which the scientific evidence is based has been published in scientific journals and has been subjected to peer review within the scientific community. Most forensic evidence, including genetic evidence, is scientific evidence.

Where Scientific Evidence can be found?
Scientific evidences are basically found in the crime scene. Crime scene means the place where a crime has happened like murder, suicide etc. In this place there are lots of unnoticeable things can be found which can’t be caught in the naked eye but only using technology those things are found and by analyzing those a huge amount of possible information and evidence can be found about the victim, nature of crime and even the identity of the killer. Basically scientific evidences are found in some specific criteria such as ballistics, blood, DNA, fingerprint etc. those things are the basic elements to solve a crime. If in a crime scene those things are found then those are collected very carefully in the forensic lab and in the lab there are all kinds of technology to analyze them. So, when they are analyzed successfully then lots of evidences can be found. Now that’s the part of the forensics, to find out the proper evidence. In the next step police or investigation team will investigate or arrest people according to those evidences and submit all of them in the court.

Utility of Scientific Evidence:
There are some utility of scientific evidences that’s why this sector is very much useful in criminal justice system. Those utilities are:

1.   Witness evidence is not always helpful:
Physical evidences are not always safe. There are lots of threat, cost, fearfulness around there and all the witnesses have to face them. It’s a matter of regret that authority is failed to ensure the proper safety to them. So, in this case forensic evidence is very much safe and easy to deliver.

2.   Poor Figure:
With the presence of physical witness criminal trial success rate is 9.6%. There are lots of problems and corruption behind it. The success rate can be increased into 100% only by the proper use of forensic evidences.

3.   Reliability:
Forensic evidence is more reliable than physical evidence. Physical evidence can be manipulated, forgotten, erased etc. besides, there are also a question of genuineness of physical evidence. But forensic evidence has no such type of problems and corruptions.

4.   Evidence extraction methods may lead to human rights violation:
The process of collecting physical evidence is not always lawful. There are a lots of complain about extra-judicial killing, remand, torture etc. those are very much violation of the human rights. That leads a lot of controversy. But forensic evidence has no such type of problems.