Manipulation of Forensic Evidence

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Manipulation of Forensic Evidence
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:05:58 AM »

Forensics is made of scientific theory & we know that theories can be changed or manipulated. That’s the vital problem of forensics. A slight mistake of evidence or examination can make the whole result upside down. Now, the question is how that kind of mistakes can be happened? Well, there are many chances of that happening. Let’s discuss about it:

Internal Corruption
The forensics reports are easily changeable if there are internal corruption grows in a higher scale. A post mortem report, finger print test, blood group test, ballistics etc those are the vital point of the evidence & if those are manipulated then the real criminal can never be punished & that’s happening most of the cases in Bangladesh only because the whole authority is the responsible for the corruption an if the whole authority is corrupted then no one can do anything against them and justice will be denied.

Lack of Professionalism
Sometimes doctors or specialists are made mistakes in their work or duty. They don’t complete their work according to the exact professionalism. Their slight mistake or lack of responsibility can change the whole forensic report and that affects a case very severely. Sometimes, in the hand of inexperienced doctor and specialist the report can be changed because of their wrong examination and decision.

Wasted Crime Scene
Crime scene is the mother of all forensics evidences but in most of the cases crime scene is wasted in a way, the real evidence is hardly found from there. That’s how evidences are destroyed & the consequence of this result is injustice. Sometimes it is happened intentionally and sometimes by mistake and by lack of knowledge. Mainly in our country most of the law enforcement officer and forensics office don’t know how to protect a crime scene and how to collect evidence from a crime scene without damaging it. That’s why most of the evidences are wasted in the crime scene while collecting them.

Changing Reports
Change of forensic report is the most happening corruption in our country. In our system a forensic report is easily changed. Victims are suffered more for this kind of offence. Sometimes doctors are responsible for this and they do this for bribe and for threat. If the system is corrupted then this kind of offence is happened.

Those problems are regularly happened in our country. Now-a-days corruption spreads in a way that criminals are never been caught or punished because of this forensics manipulation & that’s the common scenario of the justice system this country. The failure of forensic department can start a dark chapter of the criminal justice system of Bangladesh.