Promotional model for advertising.

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Promotional model for advertising.
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A promotional model exists in the form of a spokesmodel, trade show model and convention model. Each of these models carry out functions beyond representation of the company in a positive light. The main difference between a brand ambassador and a promotional model is in the way they represent the product/service. In many cases, unlike brand ambassadors, a promotional model may give the audience a live experience that reflects the product or service being branded. They may be required to promote the brand at simply one to many occasions while a brand ambassador is often tied down to one particular brand through the means of a contract over a period of time.Promotional models are required to be physically present at the venue as per the requirements of the marketing campaign, however brand ambassadors are most often referred to as the face of the brand. Promotional models are most often found in trade shows exhibits (in some cases referred to as "booth babes"), conventions and in print, digital or selected advertisements for the brand from time to time. The employment of so-called "booth babe" models at trade show exhibits and conventions has been criticised by some.

As previously stated, promotional models are said to be different as opposed to brand ambassadors, however in some ways, they feature similar attributes. There's a saying which states how all promotional models are brand ambassadors, yet not all brand ambassadors are promotional models. This is due to the fact that promotional models are seen as a specific type of brand ambassadors. Furthermore, the working conditions of a promotional model varies depending on many factors, these can include the company, target audience, venue, etc. Despite variations of promotional modeling work, most assignments involve handing out some form of literature or product samples.

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