Peer feedback for developing writing skills

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Peer feedback for developing writing skills
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:59:21 AM »
My students of last semester developed paragraphs in groups outside the classroom and uploaded their work for peer-assessment in google class at the first stage.At the second stage,they had to revise their work keeping those suggestions in mind and upload them for final score.Most of the group discussion happened outside the class where they consult me frequently whenever needed.They were unaware of this type of peer-assessment earlier but found the feedback effective and helpful along with my feedback.The comments they made included two points;firstly they started with a positive feedback and later on moved towards a critical one.Although this was totally new to them,they tried hard to do their best.I also found that this peer-feedback not only help them to develop better understanding of a certain topic but also they discussed a lot before writing something for their friends.This change in assessment is definitely a new one to me and to them also where they had huge group discussion to get a particular score.I think this helped them develop communication skills where they tried to help each other with several issues.I will try to continue this in future as well where the students will have innovative ways to share and exchange ideas both inside and outside the class and hence develop communication and leadership skills.

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