A Community-Targeted and Scientifically Formulated Approach to Remould Health Be

Author Topic: A Community-Targeted and Scientifically Formulated Approach to Remould Health Be  (Read 1771 times)

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The  Behavior  Change  Communication  (BCC)  is  a  process  of  implementing  communication  strategies  for  the welfare  of  individual  or  communities  to  encourage  them  to  adopt  positive  behaviors  suitable  to  the  local  problem and the settings. Successful implementation of BCC essentially needs extensive research and meticulous planning based on the level of knowledge and attitude of the target population. Although BCC has shown a significant impact in   heterogeneous   conditions,   but   for   its   successful   implementation   in   different   health   problems,   the   cost-effectiveness for the same should be estimated in different local settings. In addition, eventual outcome of the BCC strategy depends upon the knowledge level of the community health worker and their efficacy to share knowledge with  the  target  population.  To  conclude,  Behavior  Change  Communication  is  a  research-based,  client-centered, benefit-oriented,  service-linked  and  professionally  developed  strategy  with  significant  potential  that  can  influence and eventually modify the bad practices in order to maintain a healthy state both of individual and the society.

Source: https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/a-communitytargeted-and-scientifically-formulated-approach-to-remould-health-behaviour-behaviour-change-communication-2167-1079.1000e112.pdf

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Md. Imdadul Haque
Senior Lecturer
Department of Public Health
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I honestly feel that BCC is under-appreciated..it would have helped the nation save tonnes of money in health care by preventing disease occurence just through behaviour change
Tasmia Tasnim
Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Daffodil International University