Become a System Engineer

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Become a System Engineer
« on: September 27, 2018, 01:09:13 PM »
What is a Systems Engineer?
Systems engineers liaise with project managers to steer projects forward and achieve success. Their main objectives are to:
•   Check existing systems and suggest improvements
•   Develop new systems to increase company efficiency
•   Apply tech solutions to strengthen systems
•   Receive and relay information to and from stakeholders
Systems engineers consider the business demands and objectives throughout a project’s lifecycle. Quality, cost efficiency, and trust are some of the main values they help a company to maintain via its goods or services.
How to Become a Systems Engineer
For IT systems engineers, most employers ask for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a diploma in a computer-related discipline. However, other bachelor degrees can also lead to a career in systems engineering. Some of these are:
•   Computer science
•   Software engineering
•   Information systems
•   Computer networking
•   General engineering
Additionally, you can explore the different levels of certification provided by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).
Job postings often list specific expertise and several years’ experience as part of job requirements. Recruiters give preference to candidates with a good understanding of systems engineering methodology and practices. Solid experience in project life cycle management is highly desirable too.
Skills Needed To Be a Systems Engineer
Systems engineers must have very good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. They coordinate with team members – those in project management, security, asset management, customer service or help desk departments – to solve problems and manage projects. Excellent conflict resolution, analytical, and decision-making skills are crucial to the position as well.
This interactive infographic from is a handy guide to the top skills hirer looks for. The list of skills that make candidates stand out is helpful for job seekers too. Among the top core skills are systems engineering, information security, integration, and security. Skills that distinguish applicants include mathematics, application development, and systems architecture.
Career opportunities
A selection of the top companies hiring systems engineers are:
Cisco Systems Inc. - Browse the long list of system engineer jobs on the company’s website.
Microsoft Corp. - jobs listed on Microsoft’s careers page at present. - There are currently over 400 job listings for systems engineers on their page.
Lockheed Martin - A number of jobs are listed on their careers page for systems engineers with varying levels of experience.
As companies expand into national and international markets, demand for systems engineers in certain areas is strong. In other sectors, growth is stable, making it a solid career choice. A combination of experience and suitable qualifications opens the door to the field. So those with suitable skills should investigate systems engineering when considering a career change.