ISLM-103: Lecture#07

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ISLM-103: Lecture#07
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:29:11 PM »
Date: Oct 13, 2018

Using of Marketing Tools for exploring library services and facilities

PRM Exposing Services in Libraries According Bhatt, R.K. (2011, p.56) Publicity refers to the generation of news about a person, product or service that appears in broadcast or print media. Public relation and marketing are synonymous. In fact, publicity /marketing are really a subset of the PRs efforts.

 There are divided into three groups: (a) Printing methods (b) Electronic methods and (c) Traditional methods.

Printing methods:

i.   Brochure: Brochures should be aesthetic and attractive to users as well as language should also be simple and easy so that users can understand easily and feel interest to read it attentively.

ii.   Leaflets: Leaflets will act as guides to the library and its special collections. It can be kept in the library at a location which is placed so that user who enters the library is paying attention to that corner.

iii.    Newsletters: The library can convey information about new acquisitions, new services, events and activities, fee changes etc. In fact, there are excellent marketing tools due to include all the activities of a library.

iv.   Posters: It offers good visual communication. It can be displayed at prominent locations and provide brief information about an event, service, etc. Old and defaced posters need to be replaced on a regular basis.

v.    Advertising: Advertisement can play a very important role to expose the library services. Libraries can advertise its products and services in newspapers, scholarly journals, magazines, newsletters, radio, television, web etc. It helps in building image of the library.

Traditional methods:

i.   Extensive activities: These activities like book display, lectures, quiz debates, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, etc. can play positive impact on the image of the library. Users can motivate to come to the library and promote the use of its products and services.

ii.   Environment: Good environment is the most important factors to use the library by the users. It reflects the appearance of employees, the physical setting, lighting, work environment, noise level etc. It must be healthy and suitable to make a positive impact on users.

iii.   Library tour: While on a library tour, users can be promoted to ask questions and find out more about new activities, products, and services. Library tour for new and existing members can be used to promote the library services.

iv.   Library Monthly/Day: Libraries can create awareness of its importance in society through organizing national library day/month can be effective way to promote the library.

v.   Seminars/conference: Seminars/conference is an effective method to create awareness about library services and facilities among the users. Library can arrange such seminars / conference frequently for the users.

Electronic methods:

i.   Websites: The websites contain details about the library. It can be continuously updated to avoid an adverse effect on the image of the library. Websites can play a significant role to increase the impact on the users.

ii.   Bulletin board: It is a medium for messages of interest to a community of online users. This service can be used by libraries for disseminating information to online users

iii.    E-mail: It is the most universal application on the Internet and it can be used for direct communication with potential users. There are many benefits to using email as a promotional tool that create personalized services, membership renewal, easily communicate with library personnel anytime and anywhere.

iv.   Blogs: Libraries can use blogs to promote its products and services by making it appealing and informative. To get feedback, comments and suggestions can be invited from visitors.

v.   Social networks: Now a day, social networks are mostly used for sharing knowledge, attractive image, interesting events, update news and also rare news which can be motivated to use the library resources. Facebook is one of them which act as digital knowledge platform for the users to share relevant knowledge each other.

vi.   E-library activities: In the digital era, digital library/e-library can play a vital role to promote library resources, facilities and services among the users.
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Re: ISLM-103: Lecture#07
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Thanks a lot for sharing.
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