Strike from the transportation organization

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Strike from the transportation organization
« on: October 28, 2018, 01:57:12 PM »
Well, we are having a strike from the transportation organization for 48 hours all over the country. What is the reason behind it? Unfortunately some ridiculous protest against the recently enacted transportation law which enforce bail less arrest for the driver responsible for accident and death penalty if the driver found guilty. What's wrong in it? When the driver is irresponsible he not only put in risk the life of the passengers in his vehicle but also anyone, whether other vehicle or people on the street. We saw a lot of death in roads just because of irresponsible driving of the drives. Surely many times the people on the streets are responsible but one has to remember once you are holding the steering you have to be more responsible than a normal person walking on the road. Yet, if the strike was to enforce the government to practice stricter law for the people on the streets it could have some justifiable base but it is not such. However we are the common people and the final sufferer. But in this regard we should be cooperative so that the law that just got passed is not modified for the demand of some irresponsible people. We have a lot of ride sharing app now. It is costly but we can use it for 2 days easily. We have to take some responsibility too to help the government to stay strong against this kind of unacceptable demand.   
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Re: Strike from the transportation organization
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