What We Do and What We Don't Do at Workplace

Author Topic: What We Do and What We Don't Do at Workplace  (Read 2066 times)

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What We Do and What We Don't Do at Workplace
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:51:51 PM »
What We Do
The responsibilities of the UN Ethics Office include:

1.Providing confidential advice and guidance to staff on ethical issues, questions, and dilemmas

2. Developing standards, training and education on ethical issues, in coordination with OHRM and other offices

3. Conducting outreach to UN staff everywhere to explain the services of our office and to understand staff members'ethical concerns
Administering the financial disclosure program

4. Ensuring the protection of staff against retaliation for reporting misconduct or cooperation with duly authorized audits or investigations

5. Promoting coherence and cooperation among the standing Ethics Offices within the UN Funds and Programmes and throughout the UN System

4. Chairing the Ethics Committee

The terms of reference of the Ethics Office may be found in Secretary-General’s bulletin (ST/SGB/2005/22) PDF

What We Don't Do

1. We do not receive reports of misconduct. Staff members have a duty to report suspected misconduct to the designated offices (e.g. Head of Department, OIOS, or the focal point on sexual harassment and abuse).

2. We do not resolve grievances. Staff members are encouraged to seek the impartial and independent advice of theOmbudsman which may include mediation services or assistance from the Office of Staff Legal Assistance.

3.We do not deal with administrative decisions regarding employment. Staff members wishing to contest an administrative decision must file a request with the Management Evaluation Unit in the Office of Under-Secretary-General for Management.