Physical Pharmacy-the basic

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Physical Pharmacy-the basic
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What is Physical Pharmacy?
Physical Pharmacy is the study of the physical and chemical properties of drugs and their dosage forms.
Physical Pharmacy is associated with an area of pharmacy that deals with the quantitative and theoretical principles of physicochemical science as they apply to the practice of pharmacy.

Why We Study Physical Pharmacy?
-Physical pharmacy is a fundamental course  that leads to proper understanding of subsequent courses in Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology.
-Physical pharmacy integrates knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and applies them to the pharmaceutical dosage form development.
-It focus on the theories behind the phenomena needed for dosage form design.
-Enable the pharmacist to make rational decisions on scientific basis concerning the art and technology of solutions, suspensions, emulsions, etc.
-Physical pharmacy provides the basis for understanding the chemical and physical phenomena that govern the in vivo and in vitro actions of pharmaceutical products.
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