Most Important Ethical Terms and Principles:

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Most Important Ethical Terms and Principles:
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Most Important Ethical Terms and Principles:
1. Values:
The values of a person can be defined as the acts and actions which we make in our daily life. The true values of a person are devotion, respect, hard work and love. These acts of values make a person more valuable. These values tell more about a person’s behaviour and responsive qualities which he can posses during work.

2. Morals:
Morals are the certain duties which he needs to do for the betterment of society. More over, these are certain duties which make the society work in a synchronized manner. These morals apply to every single human being of the society and they can’t be judged in a specific manner, because the things in moral are either right or wrong.

3. Integrity:
Integrity means to be always honest and sincere under any circumstances. When any individual shows integrity in a professional environment and his work, it means that the person can be trusted as well as he is an honest man to rely on. The person who is honest and sincere always sustains for a longer duration in the company as compared to others.

4. Character:
The character is one of the most important ethics which in short describes a person. It tells about your behaviour towards others and your reactions towards the different situations. A bad thinking mind can destroy your character and a positive and healthy mind always keep you with a good character.

5. Laws:
These are certain rules and regulation fixed by you yourself. These rules define you and put a limit to events that are dangerous for your life style. A man with rules always shapes up in the laws of the company and work accordingly in the best way possible, and a man with no rules always lands up in troubles. These laws give us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

6. Dedication:
This is also a person defining ethic. The stronger dedication in work, the greater the output and results. Dedication in work makes a man stronger for tough situations and he also becomes a key player in motivating the others during the hard times.

7. Accountability of responsibility:
The more a person is responsible in nature, the more efficiently and responsibly he will do the given task. Responsibility towards everything such as parents, family, society, nature, works, office, etc are certain things which not only should be kept in mind but also these must be followed by every human being for a healthier environment.
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Re: Most Important Ethical Terms and Principles:
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