IOT in Hospitality

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IOT in Hospitality
« on: May 20, 2019, 01:10:40 PM »
IoT in hospitality is good news for hotels
For the hospitality industry, IoT means reduced costs and a better guest experience. Once you picture smart homes powered by IoT, picturing IoT in a hotel is not all that big of a big leap.

For hotel guests, IoT creates a seamless visit
For guests, IoT in their accommodations makes for a more comfortable and customized stay. Guests might stay in automated rooms where they can adjust the lights or call the front desk from their beds via their TV or mobile device.

And speaking of mobile devices, hospitality can be more integrated with guests’ personal gadgets thanks to IoT. Guests can check into a hotel and unlock their room via their mobile device, providing a seamless hospitality experience.

Moreover, mobile integration gives you data (with the guests’ permission) that lets you remember guest preferences. Hoteliers can take it a step further and customize their reservation based on previous stays.