Energy Savings

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Energy Savings
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:24:10 PM »
Energy Savings
Appliances used by restaurants account for a large portion of the electricity bill and it gets quite difficult for restaurant owners to keep track of their energy usage or to reduce the associated costs. Many a times, the root cause of this problem is the power consumed by older kitchen appliances. Additionally, the risk of unexpected breakdown is higher with such appliances, resulting in a jumbled maintenance schedule.

Recently, restaurant owners have started using Energy Management Solution (EMS) that rely on intelligent assets to collect, analyze, and share data on power consumption of restaurants. According to American West Restaurant Group,, “Pizza hut expects an 18% reduction in average monthly energy usage and save $2million in energy costs between 2018 to 2022, all because of IoT”.

Let’s take as an example the smart appliances that restaurants can use to manage energy consumption better. Fryers with smart sensors can maintain a predefined oil temperature and notify the cook when the fries are perfectly done. Through alert notifications, the managers or operators also get an idea when oil should be filtered or changed, which helps to optimize food hygiene management.

Let’s look at another example. The data collected by a smart fridge can be combined with the Point of Sale (POS) data on incoming orders to operate on-demand analytics and contribute in real-time data, which further allows kitchen staff to get the right number of specific supplies, thus helping in minimizing energy loss from the thermal transfer.