Apparel Terms (part…i)

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Apparel Terms (part…i)
« on: November 29, 2011, 12:35:43 AM »
Apparel Terms (part…--i)   

Neck Tape
Protective band of tape sewn over the seam between the shell and the collar for a more comfortable feel to the garment.
Johnny Collar
A knit, stand-up collar.
Movement of moisture within a fabric by capillary action, usually along the filament surface, to where it can evaporate quickly.
A welt is a pocket opening treatment. The welt is a cut and sewn piece of fabric that is used to finish the pocket opening.
Storm Flap
A strip of fabric covering the zipper or snap closure of the jacket and its pocket.
Stand-up Collar
A collar with a short height that does not lie against the garment.

A shoulder strap or collar trim that is styled with a military look.
Pigment Dye
Washed down colors that will continue to soften and age with washing. Great for outdoor and casual looks.
A fabric's ability to hang gracefully in a finished product.
The ability of a fabric to withstand exposure to sunlight, dry cleaning and laundering without fading or running. The types of fiber, dye and treatment used for setting the color determine how colorfast a fabric will be.
Traditionally, the side of a fabric that offers a finished or polished appearance. The face is normally used for outward print and decoration.
Added panel of fabric in a seam to provide action movement.
A term applied to fabrics made on a flat-knitting machine, such as hosiery, sweaters and underwear, that have been shaped by adding or reducing stitches.
A treatment of fine cotton yarn or fabric that increases shine, luster and strength. Its ability to absorb dyes produces vibrant colors.
A plain-stitched knit fabric which looks the same on both sides. Often used for T-shirts and golf shirts.
Raglan Sleeves
Sleeves are all one piece from collar to cuff, allowing for ease of movement.
Running Stitch
Sequential stitching which runs in a single direction.
Byron Collar
A pointed, shirt-style collar.
Slash Pocket
Angled pockets that are formed by cutting a slash in the shell and attaching a pouch inside the garment.
Set-in Sleeve
Sleeves constructed to run from the shoulder to the cuff.

Butterfly Collar
A pointed collar that lies flat against the garment, but can be brought up and secured to ensure warmth.
Patch Pocket
A pocket added to a garment usually made of self material and withou pleats or lining, like a shirt pocket.
Metal, plastic or stitched holes creating fabric reinforcement at stress points.
Delrin Zipper
A heavy nylon zipper with large teeth, often left exposed for style.

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Re: Apparel Terms (part…i)
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Need more information.
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Re: Apparel Terms (part…i)
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nice post.
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