World's 10 longest highways

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World's 10 longest highways
« on: August 24, 2019, 04:22:16 PM »
A highway is any road on land what is named by the government that develops and maintains it. These highways offer the network for the most extended road trips possible amid two places in the world. This is an extensive list of longest highways in the world.

10#.Interstate 80(1-80), United States

Interstate 80(1-80) is a 4666 km long highway and is also named as Christopher Columbus Highway. It is listed on number tenth in longest highways in the world. It starts at an interchange with U.S. Route 101 in San Francisco, California and ends at New Jersey. It passes through more than 11 states in the US. This highway is also the leanest stretch in the entire Interstate Highway system in the US. This is one of the longest highways in the United States.

9#.Interstate 90 (I-90), US

This highway is said to be the world’s ninth longest highway and is 4860.2 km long. It is also known to be the longest Interstate Highway in the US. It passes through 13 states and runs parallel to US Route 20. The construction of this highway started in 1950 and finished in 1985. This highway runs through two longest floating bridges in US (Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge and the Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge).

8#.US Route 6

US route 6 stretches nearly about 5158 km and is considered as the eight longest highway in the world and also second continues highway in the US. Until 1964 this highway was considered as a transcontinental route. It was also known named as Roosevelt Highway in the 1920s before it was officially designed by AASHO. It actually adopted by the US numbering system and after that named it as US route

7#.US Route 20, United States

This highway is known to be the seventh longest highway in the world and stretches 5415 km. It is also considered as the longest road in the US. This was constructed in 1926 and extended in 1940 it crosses up to nine US states and also divides into two by Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. Initially, US route 20 finishes at Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, but after the extension of the route, it runs after it.

6#.China National Highway 010

China National Highway 010 is a 5700 km long highway also known as Tongsan expressway and is on the sixth position in the list of world’s longest highways. It stretches from Tongjiang City to Sonya. China National Highway 010 is one of the five north to south highways and seventh east to the west highway in China.

5#.The Golden Quadrilateral, India

The Golden Quadrilateral comprises of a network of highways which connects four major Indian states, i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata and is known to be the fifth-longest highway in the world. The planning of the Golden Quadrilateral was done in 1999 and construction started in 2001 and was finished in 2012. It is a 5846 km long highway maintained by National Highways Authority of India. It featured four to six lanes and was constructed in four sections.

4#.Trans-Canada Highway, Canada

The overall length of Trans-Canada highway is 7821 km and is said to be the fourth longest highway in the world. And also second longest national highways in the world. The construction of this highway initiated in 1950 and route started in 1962. Many other developments work continues till 1971. It extends from Victoria in British Columbia to St. John’s City in Newfoundland as well as Labrador. It passes through nearly about ten Canadian provinces and connects all major cities in the country.

3#.Trans-Siberian highway, Russia

Trans-Siberian highway is recognized as a third longest highway in the world which stretches from St.Petersburg to Vladivostok in Russia. It includes seven federal highways in its stretch and coincides with European route E30 which passes through Kazakhstan. The segment of the route spanning the Asian Highway Network is known as AH6.

2#.Highway-1, Australia

Highway 1 in Australia is listed as the world second longest highways and first longest national highways in the world. It comprises interconnected highways and covers 14500 km stretch. In 1955 it was inscribed as a national highway and included both single as well as multi-lane roads. The route of Highway 1 touches all states in Australia excluding Brisbane and Darwin. It carries more than a million people daily.

1 #.Pan-American Highway, Multiple countries

Pan American Highway comprises the entire US interstate highway system and is known to be the world’s longest highway which covers a length of about 48000 km. This project was planned in 1923, and Mexico completed its first half in is designed as interconnecting highways and links more than 20 countries in America excluding a gap halfway amid Panama and Columbia, it is a 100 km stretch and is known as Darien gap. It stretches from Buenos Aries in SA to Edmonton in NA. Longest highway in the world.

Highways are designed to make approach easier, and well-designed highways offer a very comfortable journey from one place to another. These were the longest highways of the world.

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