Bangladesh close to digital revolution

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Bangladesh close to digital revolution
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:33:36 AM »

Bangladesh is on the cusp of digital revolution as both public and private sectors are increasingly embracing informational communication technologies and solutions, said a leading businessman in the sector.

Henry Hilton, managing director ADN Group, one of the top information communication technology companies, said most government offices and almost all business houses in Bangladesh now use internet for digitalising services in a major push for the country to become a digital nation.

Ministries, divisions, departments, and local government offices are now connected with an integrated network, while business organisations are using internet and IT-based solutions heavily.

“Business automation, connectivity, and data security are burning issues now. And through this process, we are very close to a digital revolution that is going to change the total scenario of IT, ICT and digitalisation in Bangladesh.”

He said ADN Telecom has integrated global best practices in Bangladesh’s digital business process.

ADN has had a long history in ICT business in Bangladesh since its inception in 1993 as Tech Valley Networks Ltd. Ten years later, it was renamed to ADN Tel as a major sister concern of ADN Group. In 2007, Tech Valley Networks Ltd was incorporated as a strategic business unit.

In 2004, the company reached a milestone by getting 3.5Gz band frequency and nationwide internet service provider licence with 18.5 GHz frequency. It made foray into international business through strategic alliance with Singtel in 2006.

In 2009, it was awarded the internet protocol telephony service provider licence. In the same year, it initiated a strategic alliance with Bharti Airtel and with Tata Communications two years later.

It has achieved ISO certificate for its quality service and client satisfaction.

ADN made Tk 18.23 crore in net profit in 2018 with a 19.78 percent year-on-year growth, according to the company’s annual report. It earned Tk 92 crore in revenue last year and Tk 83 crore in the previous year.

To further its growth, ADN is going to raise Tk 57 crore from the capital market. It will use the proceeds to develop infrastructure, establish data centre, repay bank loans and bear the IPO expenses.

The company has established a private data centre and opened a window for digital market – an area, where, Hilton sees huge potential as the country’s digital economy is growing rapidly.

“In today’s consumer-driven technology environment, enterprise workloads have become much more difficult to predict and manage. The underlying technology environment, therefore, needs to undergo constant evolution,” he said, adding that day-to-day management of IT operations is becoming more complex and resource-intensive.

ADN’s enterprise-class data centre services provide global coverage along with nearly two decades of expertise, Hilton said.

Currently, the company has multiple data centre facilities and is working to boost customer satisfaction by expanding the capacity of the centres and making them more reliable in the technology and other structural aspects

“Gradually more data centres will be established in major cities of Bangladesh to support the country’s growing demand.”

“To build a Digital Bangladesh, there is no alternative to focusing on data centre service business. As the sector is in a growing stage, Bangladesh needs to create awareness among the business people concerned.”

Hilton said the data centre would be equipped with cloud computing and G-cloud technologies.

The company started ADN Digital one and a half years ago focusing mainly on digital transformation.

“ADN Digital, albeit at its tender point, is demandable because in future everything will be digitalised. Internet of Things and other sectors are coming to Bangladesh, so in future ADN Digital will be a bright star in our business arena.”

He said digital marketing is growing rapidly in Bangladesh, overtaking traditional business procedures. “Moreover, we are not only serving the local customer but also the international clients.”

“All these have been possible because of our segmented digital marketing strategy.”

He said digital marketing has no limit. The total digital transformation refers to the automation of business, services, and digital lifestyle.

ADN has also presence in some other businesses such as video conferencing, cloud service, video surveillance, web and app development, hosting solutions, SMS solutions, brand development, marketing and communication, and cyber security solution.

“All of our businesses are getting huge response,” Hilton said.

The company has international internet gateway licence to run wholesale internet business, the international territorial cable licence to get internet connectivity through India, the international gateway licence to terminate international voice call, and the interconnection exchange licence to play as an operator that ensures interoperability among the mobile operators.