COVID-19: Study Abroad Dilemma

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COVID-19: Study Abroad Dilemma
« on: May 08, 2020, 02:58:16 PM »
COVID-19: Study Abroad Dilemma

We do not doubt that COVID 19 pandemic possibly one of the biggest global crisis of the century. But we believe that crisis will overcome as the globe is far advance in technology and education. In this notion many students are still motivated to pursue higher study in abroad where some are in dilemma. This article will demonstrate the higher study abroad problem in the point of view of students. At the same time we will discuss what action going to be taken against foreseeable problem as well as the opportunity.

Few problems
During the COVID 19’s pandemic all educational institutions around the world are locked-down and students are away from their study. Some countries and universities have already announced that current & upcoming semester will be held online. It’s considered as temporary solutions for students. But the question is that what general people are thinking about these temporary solutions? Many of them consider following points when they think about online programs,

•Long run point of view:  online program seems to be inadequate and far away than becoming a substitution of traditional education. Even some practical based courses couldn’t be conducted online for example architecture, lab, languages as well as travel programs. 
•Fees point of view:  online programs are not the real value of money as the students paid for an in-class education.

Most of the international students came back to their home countries without finishing their courses.  A part from this many students paid a huge amount of tuition fees and ready to fly. Moreover many students will take admission to carry out their study during the pandemic.  It is noted that they are much worried about following issues. 

•Internship & Work: Work and Travel remains uncertain for this year. Students are worried how they complete internship and how they get job after graduation if economic crisis arise.
•Visa Risks: After normalization of pandemic it seems that getting visa will be difficult due to health concern of particular countries. 
•Ready to fly:   Most of the students want to travel for purchasing higher study in abroad.  In this case they don’t appreciate online course

Solution to foreseeable problems: 
Majority of the sectors around the globe has been heavily suffered due to Covid-19 pandemic.  In this connection education sector is in high risk.  But it’s true that when there is a problem there is a solution. This higher education institution may take following step to solve the foreseeable problem,

•Special pricing for students who will enroll during the pandemic situation
•Should be more flexible about language issue and prerequisite issue. Instead of IELTS  or similar prerequisite university may think about own language or other test.
•The deadlines should be prolonged
•Offer some advantages such as scholarships, waiver etc.
•Credit transfers to other schools should be clearly defined and flexible
•Universities and should be in close relationship with the embassies and other governmental institutes to minimize the visa risks after COVID 19 pandemic.

Crisis may transform into opportunity. As it seems clear, the number of international students will decrease dramatically. Considering the added value many universities will offer scholarships and other benefits to students. Many universities will be more flexible than before to take admission.  In the meanwhile some universities are offering low tuition fees so that student can carry out their study during this situation. So students should be  ready and prepare themselves to take the opportunity.

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