Proposal to student Permits into the Hall during this pandemic

Author Topic: Proposal to student Permits into the Hall during this pandemic  (Read 790 times)

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This is a proposal to student permits into the Hall. This proposal was given by the deputy registrar MD. Ishaque Mijee sir. It will be effective only if the hall provost (Dr A.B.M. Kamal Pasha) grant this proposal. The proposal is as follows :

A. Students will apply to Provost through online or other ways keeping cc to Deputy Registrar or department heads.
B. They will ensure that they have no corona diseases or any other symptoms.
C. 1st 14 days authority will keep them into the engineering complex.
D. They will take meals from the green garden restaurant.
E. Hall canteen we will be open if the remarkable number of student willing to stay in the hall.
F. Management will decide about their payment.
G. Regulation may apply to their movement during this staying period.
H. Management would be not liable for any kind of diseases outbreaks and any violent activities during the tenure.
I. Hall regular code of conduct will be applicable.
J. Hall management has all the rights to cancel his/her seat considering any unavoidable circumstances.

#Note: This is a proposal only.
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